Infused Coconut bowl and spoon

Infused Coconut bowl and spoon


In a bid to make the world a more healthy and sustainable place we are proud to announce the new Infused Coconut Bowl! Start with our eco friendly Coconut Bowls and Wooden Spoons. Healthy and sustainable living has never looked so good. The perfect add to mix your hair mask. We will infuse your bowl with herbs and oils that will most benefit your hair. In that way you will benefit a double activation when using our hair mask. 

    • Coconut Shell
    • Hand wash only
    • Avoid extreme heat
  • For Subscriptions, delivery is only 0,99£

    For one-time purchase, Delivery fee: 2.95£

    As a small business, it will take between 10 to 15 business days to get the product to you. You will receive an email when your package has been shipped. To avoid long wait on your next purchase, take a subscription !
    *Currently we are only offering shipping to the UK and EU from London. Our goal is to resume shipping internationally in the near future. Please stay tuned.

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