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Do My Curl

The place for brands, black models & influencers and afro/curly hair professional stylists. 

Here at ICI CARE we hear you and that is why we are proud to present Do My Curl to you.

What is the problem? Too often, black models with natural hair are left alone on sets when it comes to taking care of their hair. This obvious discrimination reflects the lack of knowledge around those wonderful types of hair. We also hear that brands have to do more and show respect to black models and influencers when working with them. So, we are creating a unique platform where brands can easily find a professional hair stylist for the models they have booked. Once the hair stylist is booked they can see the hair profile of the model and come to the set with the right tools and products to do their magic. 

Campaign with black models and influencers and work with talented black professional afro and curly hair stylists. We will help you work with the best stylists and give the best treatment to your models.  

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